Frequently asked questions


What is an e-book?
An e-book is the electronic edition of a printed book that is available as a file.
The content does not differ from the printed edition of the book. Thieme offers electronic books in PDF and EPUB formats.

What formats are there and how do they differ?
Thieme offers electronic books in PDF and EPUB formats.
The PDF format corresponds 1:1 to the printed book and has a fixed page layout. It is therefore ideal for computers, tablets and larger e-readers.
E-books in EPUB format adapt dynamically to the display size of the reading device. It is therefore particularly suitable for smaller devices such as smartphones and small-format tablets and e-readers.

Do I need a special program to open the e-book?
Free reading programs for e-books are available for all operating systems and reading devices: for PDFs, for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader, for EPUBs, for example, Adobe Digital Editions.

How does the download work?
You will find a download link on the order confirmation page and in your order confirmation email. Click on this link to start the download and save the file in a directory of your choice.

Can I read the e-book on multiple devices?
Yes, you can use your e-book on multiple reading devices.

Do I have to be online to read e-books?
No, after downloading to your reading device you can access the e-book offline at any time.

Are Thieme e-books copy-protected?
Yes, e-books are protected by a digital watermark. This means that there are no restrictions for you when using them.

Am I allowed to lend or sell e-books?
E-books are for private use only and may not be lent or sold.

Am I allowed to exchange or return the e-book?
Due to their nature, e-books are not suitable for return. Just like downloads of other electronic files (films, music or software), e-books are excluded from the right of withdrawal. A return or exchange is therefore not possible.


How long does a subscription last?
In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein:
Subscriptions run indefinitely. You can cancel a subscription annually with three months' notice to the end of the calendar year.

Subscriptions ordered at the "introductory price for new subscribers" run for a full 12 months from the current issue at the introductory price. After these 12 months, the subscription will be switched to the valid regular annual subscription price and will be charged on a calendar year basis in the future.

Outside the aforementioned countries:
Subscriptions are always listed for a limited period until the end of the calendar year. You will receive an offer from us in October to renew the subscription for the next calendar year.

What are the cancellation periods?
You can cancel a subscription annually with three months' notice to the end of the calendar year.

Can I order a subscription retroactively?
Yes with pleasure. Please contact customer service using the contact form. If individual issues are no longer available, we will notify you.

When will I receive the first issue of my subscription?
Subscriptions start from the currently published issue You will usually receive the first issue within one week after receipt of your order. All further issues will then be delivered on the respective publication date.

Can I order individual issues or back issues?
Yes, please send us a request for this via the magazine contact form: Contact form You will then receive an offer from us.

Can I order a single article?
Yes. You can research articles from all our trade journals at and order them as PDF documents for a fee.

When will I receive my invoice?
Invoicing usually takes place after delivery of the first issue of your subscription.

Is there online access to subscribed journals?
For personal subscribers, access to the online issues of your journal is included, including all back issues. All you have to do is register once and free of charge at with your personal subscription number. You will find the 6-7 digit subscription number on the mailing label of your journal above the address, usually between two ##.

As a personal subscriber to a Thieme journal, you can also use it in eRef and benefit from all the advantages of eRef. With activation, you can also use your journal offline in the eRef app. Activate your journal in eRef here:

Institutional customers are kindly requested to contact the e-mail address for a paid online access.

Can I change my address online?
You can easily notify us of your change of address in the online contact form .

Can I cancel my subscription online?
You can cancel your subscription using our contact form. Below you will find the relevant link, depending on whether you are dealing with journals or database licenses.

Can I switch to another subscription?
If you wish, you can also convert one subscription to another during the year. To do so, please contact our customer service in the contact form.

Is delivery also possible abroad?
Yes, please refer to the respective overview on the product page for the relevant prices.

What is a preferential price?
Preferential prices are special prices for certain professional groups that are offered for specific journals and are indicated on the product pages of the journals. For example, there are preferential prices for members of societies, for students, specialist nurses or similar.

When will I receive my subscription at the preferential price?
When ordering the magazine, please select the preferential price that applies to you and send us the certificate for the preferential price via online contact form, by fax or by mail. The certificate is valid for

  • Member prices: The copy of your membership card
  • Student / Pupil prices: The copy of the student or pupil ID card or a corresponding certificate from the school. If you inform us of the approximate end of your training period/study period, the annual request for a new certificate is not necessary.
  • Continuing Education prices: A certificate from the employer on employer letterhead (e.g., clinic letterhead) regarding continuing education activities.
  • Price for professional groups (e.g. skilled nursing award, ambulance service award): Proof from your employer of your work in the profession or (e.g. if self-employed) proof of completed training.

Do you have any further questions or suggestions?

Please use our contact form or contact our customer service center:

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