Ultraschall in der Medizin - European Journal of Ultrasound

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Medientyp: Fachzeitschriften

Produktinformationen Ultraschall in der Medizin - European Journal of Ultrasound

Ultraschall in der Medizin / European Journal of Ultrasound (UiM/EJU) is the most widely read interdisciplinary ultrasound journal in Europe. Its current Impact Factor is higher than that of any other ultrasound journal worldwide. UiM/EJU is the Official Journal of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) and several European ultrasound societies. 

Six times a year UiM/EJU provides readers with the following:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in ultrasound – with special focus on practical applications
  • Articles with exemplary ultrasound images of the highest quality
  • Reviews and original articles covering all medical areas relevant to ultrasound
  • Interesting case reports with images illustrating important points
  • Each issue with a comprehensive continuing education article
  • Newsletters of the affiliated societies, keeping their members thoroughly uptodate on the societies' activities

All articles published in UiM/EJU undergo rigorous peer review. With webbased manuscript submission and expedited turnaround, rapid electronic and print publication is guaranteed.

The journal is indexed in MEDLINE, Current Contents (CM), Science Citation Index and in EMBASE/Excerpta Medical Abstract Journals.