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Produktinformationen Science of Synthesis Reagents: Oxidation
An authoritative compilation of key reagents used for organic synthesis - A selection of essential reagents which are of practical use to the organic chemist - Exemplary transformations illustrating the usefulness of each reagent and highlighting its potential for application in organic synthesis - Important experimental procedures provided in full giving the chemist a head start in the laboratory - A list of known applications for each reagent illustrating the scope and breadth of its reactivity - Reagents handpicked and edited by experts SOS Reagents are part of the Science of Synthesis series, which provides a critical review of the synthetic methodology in the field of organic and organometallic chemistry. The Reagents volumes are designed to complement the main reference work by providing useful information about specific reagents used by practicing organic chemists in contemporary organic synthesis. Each reagent entry gives property and use information relating to the reagent itself and also includes exemplary transformations and detailed experimental procedures as well as key citations. The organic chemist therefore has quick, easy and convenient access to relevant information on reagents in organic synthesis. Further information about Science of Synthesis can be found here: http://www.thieme-chemistry.com/en/products/reference-works/science-of-synthesis.html