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Medientyp: Buch

Produktinformationen Science of Synthesis: Free Radicals: Fundamentals and Applications in Organic Synthesis 2

Radically enhance your progress in organic synthesis

Radical chemistry has undergone a renaissance in recent years. These two volumes will make the key developments accessible to a broad range of organic chemists. They cover both the generation of radicals and their use. The editors, Prof. Louis Fensterbank and Dr. Cyril Ollivier, are experts in radical chemistry and its application to organic synthesis.

Find out all about the generation and use of radicals

The two-volume set describes the fundamentals of radical chemistry and its application in organic synthesis. It includes practical examples of the generation of a variety of organic radicals. You will find critically reviewed, reliable and ready-to-use information on the use of radicals in:

  • "single-electron transfer"
  • "hydrogen-atom transfer"
  • radical functionalization and
  • cross-coupling processes.

By understanding the fundamental reactivities of radicals, they can be harnessed for atom-efficient and green reactions.