Pharmaceutical Substances, 5th Edition, 2009

Syntheses, Patents and Applications of the most relevant APIs

Axel Kleemann, Jürgen Engel, Bernhard Kutscher, Dietmar Reichert


  • Auflage: 5th Edition, completely revised 2008
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  • ISBN: 9783135584058
  • Medientyp: Buch
  • Sprache: Englisch

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Medientyp: Buch

Produktinformationen Pharmaceutical Substances, 5th Edition, 2009
"Pharmaceutical Substances" provides users with a compendium of some 1,300 of the most significant pharmaceutical compounds that are of interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is the ideal companion to the "Pharmaceutical Substances Online Edition" and an authoritative resource for everyone involved in design, discovery, development, evaluation, and marketing of drugs. Professors Axel Kleemann, Jürgen Engel, Bernhard Kutscher, and Dr. Dietmar Reichert present in a clear and concise manner highly evaluated information collected from all the relevant literature, and commercial patent data. This includes synthetic routes and all intermediates for newly approved drugs from the six most important markets. In the 5th edition all compounds are organized alphabetically according to their International Non-proprietary Name (INN). For added ease of use, the book features four indexes: - Trade Names - Intermediates - Enzymes, Microorganisms, Plants, and Animal Tissues - Substance Classes The description of each compound includes: - chemical structure - synthetic route - intermediates - nomenclature: INN standard, trivial names, synonyms - CAS registry number - ATC codes - medical applications/therapeutic category - toxicological data - patent number, origin, holder, and application date - commercial information - bibliographic information including CASSI codes