Thomas M. Hassell

  • Auflage: 3rd revised and expanded edition 2005
  • Seitenanzahl: 544 S. , 1870 Abb. , Leinen
  • ISBN: 9783136750032
  • Medientyp: Buch
  • Sprache: Englisch

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Produktinformationen Periodontology
Rateitschak's extraordinary atlas, universally recognized as the pre-eminent work in periodontology, is back in a brand new edition! With an emphasis on the most rigorously documental scientific and clinical advances, presented in concise text and exquisitely detailed photographs, the book will quickly become a cherished classic in the library of all practitioners. This new edition has been updated to include new developments in every aspect of the field, including etiology and pathogenesis, oral manifestations and treatment of HIV infection, diagnostic tests, advanced conservative and surgical therapies, including guided tissue regeneration, newest systemic and local slow-release drugs, implants to augment dental therapy, mucogingival plastic surgery in halting recession, and the newest classifications of periodontal disease. Special features: All important information presented in a clear and user-friendly format Nearly 2,000 full-color, clearly labeled photographs for immediate identification of pathologies and treatment techniques All therapies described and illustrated step-by-step Tips and tricks from the experts to avoid complications and treatment failure More than a decade in preparation, this magnificently detailed work is a must for every practitioner and student of periodontics. It incorporates exciting new findings that have immediate clinical applicability, and will be a treasured resource in every practice., Herbert F. Wolf, Klaus H. und Edith Rateitschak, Thomas M. Hassell, Periodontology is a constantly evolving discipline; in recent years, higher patient expectations and scientific research have gone hand-in-hand to stimulate an improved understanding of the underlying mechanisms of periodontal disease, and to develop more refined diagnostic methods and treatment possibilities for ever-improving dental care. Here is the long-awaited new edition of Periodontology, one of Thieme Publisher's best-selling, prize-winning dental atlases. This classic, completely rewritten and updated, incorporates the newest exciting findings in scientific research in a comprehensive, brilliantly illustrated, and eminently practical overview. With an emphasis on combining the most advanced theoretical and clinical concepts, both scientific discovery and clinical value become immediately accessible in this didactic masterpiece. Features of the Atlas: - All important information presented clearly and in easy-to-read fashion - Unparalleled illustration quality - Therapy methods described and illustrated step-by-step - Tips and tricks from the experts, also regarding avoidance of complications or failures New to the third edition: - Etiology and pathogenesis - Treatment of oral symptoms in the presence of HIV-infection - Newest diagnostic possibilities and tests - Systemic pre-phase evaluation of patients for risk factors - Advanced conservative and surgical therapies, including guided tissue regeneration (GTR) - Medications: systemic and local, slow release drugs - The use of implants to augment dental therapy - Mucogingival plastic surgery for treating patients with recession - The newest classification of periodontal diseases (1999) And much more. For all dentists involved in periodontics, and for those who wish to expand into this field, this is the indispensable first-line resource for achieving confidence in providing the best patient care possible.