Neurological Classics

Robert H. Wilkins, Irwin A. Brody

  • Auflage: 2 1997
  • Seitenanzahl: 204 S. , gebunden (FH)
  • ISBN: 9781879284494
  • Medientyp: Buch
  • Sprache: Englisch

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Produktinformationen Neurological Classics
Published as a companion to Neurosurgical Classics, this text was originally published in 1972 and includes works published before 1940. The emphasis of Neurological Classics is on descriptive clinical neurology rather than basic science, diagnostic procedures or treatment. Neurological Classics will be of great value to those with an interest in the historical basis of neurology and to students seeking an authoritative description of neurological disease. The commentaries and references alone can be used as a starting point for the review of neurological topics.