Microsystems Acupuncture

The Complete Guide: Ear-Scalp-Mouth-Hand

Hans-Ulrich Hecker, Angelika Steveling, Elmar T. Peuker, John Blank, Michaela Bijak

  • Auflage: 1 2006
  • Seitenanzahl: 352 S. , gebunden (KB)
  • ISBN: 9783131291110
  • Medientyp: Buch
  • Sprache: Englisch

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Produktinformationen Microsystems Acupuncture
In the last fifty years, microsystem acupuncture has emerged as a safe and effective therapeutic option for a wide range of conditions, from cardiovascular and neurological disorders to obesity and nicotine dependence. Its worldwide acceptance is largely due to the ability of microsystem acupuncture to provide access for treatment, even in the event of extreme local sensitivity to pain. This book is a comprehensive overview of ear, scalp, mouth, and hand acupuncture to help you understand the relationships between these microsystems and the body. Integrating new and established methods, the book covers such topics as Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, and laser acupuncture with concise text and more than 350 photographs to allow for instant localization of all zones and points. The range of techniques addressed makes this one-of-a-kind work ideal for busy students and practitioners looking for an overview of some of the most rapidly growing and innovative advances in acupuncture and complementary medicine., Hans-Ulrich Hecker, Angelika Steveling, Elmar T. Peuker, The Complete Guide: Ear-Scalp-Mouth-Hand In Microsystems Acupuncture, an internationally renowned team of experts provide the most up-to-date information on the theory and practice of the most innovative developments in the field. In recent decades, somatotopes have become increasingly important in the practice of acupuncture as more and more physicians are incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine into their practices. These treatment methods, such as auricular acupuncture, have been proven valuable not only as diagnostic tools, but as adjuncts or alternatives to body acupuncture. With beautiful full-color illustrations and detailed diagrams, the book provides full coverage of -Auricular acupuncture (according to Nogier, to Durinjan, and to Chinese nomenclature) -Korean hand acupuncture -Chinese hand acupuncture -Oral acupuncture according to Gleditsch -Chinese scalp acupuncture -Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YSNA) -Laser therapy -New point-based pain and organ therapy (NPPOT) -Acupuncture in the treatment of major diseases - from migraines and cephalgia to skin and eye diseases, disorders of the respiratory tract, or cardio-vascular diseases -Treatment of drug-related diseases and addiction -Treatment of diseases of the locomotor system Microsystems Acupuncture successfully combines cutting-edge medical research and technology with the subtlety and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And with its stellar list of contributors, broad range, and unified didactic concept, this one-of-a-kind work is ideal for busy students and practitioners looking for an overview of some of the most rapidly growing and innovative advances in acupuncture. With contributions by: M. Bjiak, J. Blank, T.J. Filler, H. Garten, J. Gleditsch, H.-U. Hecker, K.-H. Junghanns (?), B. Lichtenauer, K. Liebchen, D. Mühlhoff, H. Nissel, E.T. Peuker, R. Rauch, K. Spiegel, A. Steveling, D. Stockenhuber, K. Strauss, B. Strittmatter, M. Wiesner-Zechmeister