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Please note that subscriptions are valid from the time of purchase until December 31, 2023.

MedOne Plastic Surgery is centered on surgeons’ needs, so surgeons can focus on what matters: patients. Curated content, direct from respected experts, means that surgeons and residents alike can connect to resources, elevate their skills, and find insights into every aspect of plastic surgery. This powerful platform is perfect for residents and experienced specialists alike: by combining expert information with stunning visuals, the site serves as both a learning and technical tool. MedOne Plastic Surgery makes it easy for busy practitioners to research at home, at work, or on the go.


  • E-BOOKS: Find relevant information on reconstructive and aesthetic procedures in this complete e-book library LEARN FROM THE MASTERS: Watch videos curated by world-renowned experts
  • PROCEDURES: Walk into the OR prepared after reviewing step-by-step instructions complete with images and videos
  • E-JOURNALS: Keep up with innovations with current articles from Thieme’s plastic surgery journals and an integrated search of PubMed
  • MEDIA: Stream enough video content to last for days or compare high-quality operative photos in this vast databank
  • TRAINING CENTER: Study effectively using the database of over 1,000 questions, answers, and explanation Between a responsive design that adapts to every screen size and features that let you save notes, highlight text, and remember your progress, MedOne Plastic Surgery lets you use the platform the way you want. If you need to go offline, you can download and print chapters, articles, or images. The ultra-modern search function finds the best results from Thieme’s e-books, journals, procedures, and media, plus journals in the PubMed database. Your license will automatically receive updated content as new titles are released, so you’ll never be behind when it comes to groundbreaking procedures.
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