Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

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  • ISSN: 0743-684X
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Medientyp: Fachzeitschriften

Produktinformationen Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

The Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery publishes original articles containing clinical information of use to the practicing micro-surgeon. In addition, special sections discuss new technologies, innovations, materials, and significant problem cases.

The journal welcomes controversial topics, editorial comments, book reviews, and letters to the Editor, in order to complete the balanced spectrum of information available in the Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery. All articles undergo stringent peer review by international experts in the specialty.

Society Affiliations

The American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery 
The World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery 
The American Society for the Peripheral Nerve
The Robotic Assisted Microsurgical and Endoscopic Society