Houben-Weyl Methods of Organic Chemistry Vol. E 10b/1, 4th Edition Supplement

Organo-Fluorine Compounds - Synthesis of Fluorinated Compounds I, Transformations of Fluorinated Compounds

Bernd Baasner, Jose Osio Barcina, Daniele Bonnet-Delpon, Donald J. Burton, Stefan Böhm


  • Auflage: Supplement to the 4th Edition 1999
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Produktinformationen Houben-Weyl Methods of Organic Chemistry Vol. E 10b/1, 4th Edition Supplement

Organo-fluorine compounds have become increasingly important in the last 50 years, as synthetic routes to them have been developed; very few occur naturally. Their chemical behavior covers the entire range from inertness to high reactivity and their physical properties show unique features. These characteristics have led to many specialist uses in various fields such as inert fluids, polymers, elastomers, surfactants, surface treatment agents, fire extinguishers, biological and medicinal applications, and agriculture.

Houben-Weyl Vol. E10 Organo-Fluorine Compounds is a critical survey of the academic and patent literature, organized in a systematic and structured way and presented in 5 volumes. In Volume E10a Section A details the diverse range of fluorinating agents used to make C-F bonds. In Volumes E10b/1 and E10b/2 Section B describes in detail methods for the synthesis of fluorinated compounds from organo-fluorine precursors (the building block approach), while in Section C are outlined general reactions and reactivity of organo-fluorides. A comprehensive index is provided in Volume E10c.

Houben-Weyl Vol. E10 Organo-Fluorine Compounds is written by leading experts in the field and will prove to be an invaluable tool for the student and researcher alike well into the next millennium. For full information on the complete Houben-Weyl series, please visit the Houben-Weyl Homepage

Josef Houben, Theodor Weyl