Atlas of Hand Surgery

. Zus.-Arb.: Sigurd Pechlander, Heribert Hussl, Fridun Kerschbaumer

Fridun Kerschbaumer, Heribert Hussl, Sigurd Pechlaner


  • Auflage: 1 2000
  • Seitenanzahl: 584 S., 1535 Abb., Linen
  • ISBN: 9783131029416
  • Medientyp: Buch
  • Sprache: Englisch

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Medientyp: Buch

Produktinformationen Atlas of Hand Surgery
This large and beautifully illustrated atlas describes all major procedures in hand surgery. Step by step, elaborate and clear original drawings of high artistic value depict the surgical approaches and methods. Following an introductory chapter on the anatomical basis of hand surgery, the clinical part of the book treats hand surgery in traumatology, plastic surgery and orthopedics. The great care that was given to the preparation of this surgical atlas is matched by the comprehesive treatment of the techniques.

Sigurd Pechlaner, Heribert Hussl, Fridun Kerschbaumer