American Journal of Perinatology

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  • ISSN: 0735-1631
  • Medientyp: Fachzeitschriften
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Medientyp: Fachzeitschriften

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MaternalFetal and Neonatal Medicine

The American Journal of Perinatology is an international, peerreviewed, and indexed journal publishing 14 issues a year dealing with original research and topical reviews. It is the definitive forum for specialists in obstetrics, neonatology, perinatology, and maternal/fetal medicine, with emphasis on bridging the different fields.

The focus is primarily on clinical and translational research, clinical and technical advances in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment as well as evidencebased reviews. Topics of interest include epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention, and management of maternal, fetal, and neonatal diseases. Manuscripts on new technology, NICU setups, and nursing topics are published to provide a broad survey of important issues in this field.

All articles undergo rigorous peer review, with webbased submission, expedited turnaround, and availability of electronic publication.

The American Journal of Perinatology is accompanied by AJP Reports an open access journal for case reports in neonatology and maternal/fetal medicine.